the math on thermal energy

According to 2020 data from Natural Resources Canada:

  • 15 million households across Canada consumed 397 billion kWh of energy, of which 324 billion (82%) was for space heating, water heating & space cooling
  • the average energy consumption for each household was 26,583 kWh, of which 21,714 kWh was for thermal applications
  • every m2 of floorspace consumed 181 kWh a year, of which 148 kWh was for thermal
  • the average household emitted 3,826 kg of GHG, of which 3,299 kg (86%) was from thermal applications
  • every m2 of residential floorspace emitted 26 kg of GHG, of which 22.5 kg was from thermal
  • the commercial-institutional sector consumed 338 billion kWh, of which 225 billion (67%) was for heating & cooling
  • every m2 of CI floorspace consumed 444 kWh a year, of which 296 kWh was for thermal
  • every m2 of CI floorspace emitted 66 kg of GHG, of which 50 kg was from thermal

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