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NetZeroPLUS Canada was incorporated to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and to lower GHG emissions.

As our economy electrifies, we must standardize nomenclature and quantify all energy supply as kW / kWh so intelligent comparisons can be made between energy supply options.  This means discarding arcane energy terms such as calorie, Btu and horsepower.

The thermal energy produced from the ground by a heat pump must be recognized as renewable energy that is fully dispatchable (ie: batteries not required).  Failure to count all energy outputs and inputs will result in incomplete data on energy and emissions, while quantification of all energy outputs and inputs will curtail the greenwashing that is increasingly obfuscating energy issues and delaying positive action on emission reductions.

Recognition that a heat pump produces renewable energy will also encourage more direct action by homeowners, who will realize their role in the climate challenge.

In Canada, the average household consumes 26,538 kWh of energy, of which 21,714 kWh is for thermal applications of space heating, water heating & space cooling; the remainder is plug load for lights & appliances.  That average house emits 3,826 kg of GHG, of which 3,303 kg is due to thermal end-uses.

A heat pump will produce all 21,714 kWh of thermal supply as renewable energy, but will require less than 7,000 kWh to operate (COP 3.2 is the minimal system efficiency allowed in Canada and can be much higher).  The house will produce 21,714 kWh and consume 11,869 kWh, a ratio of 2:1 … hence the term 'netzeroPLUS'.  It would also decrease GHG emissions from 3,826 kg to 1,274 kg per year.

Combined, Canada's residential & commercial buildings consume 550 billion kWh of thermal energy which can be produced as dispatchable renewable energy.  Total GHG emission from current space thermal energy is 87 million tonne a year which can be almost eliminated.

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Count every kWh  .…  or your energy & climate accounting are not complete.



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