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The implications for all homes in Canada are profound:

  • Canada had 14,925,000 households in 2020, with a total of 2,190 million m2 of floorspace
  • each household consumes an average of 26,583 kWh a year of energy, of which 16,242 kWh is for space heating, 4,804 kWh for water heating, 668 kWh for space cooling (sub-total of 21,714 kWh for thermal energy uses) with 3,886 kWh for appliances and 983 kWh for lights (sub-total of 4,870 kWh for 'plug' load)
  • each household emits 3,826 kg of GHG each year, of which 2,465 kg is from space heating, 763 kg from water heating, 71 kg from space cooling (sub-total of 3,299 kg from thermal energy applications) with 423 kg from appliances and 104 kg from lights (sub-total of 527 kg from 'plug' load)
  • a ground-source heat pump must produce & deliver 3.2 units of energy for every 1.0 unit of electricity it consumes for production;  COP 3.2 is minimum under federal regulations but it can be much higher
  • to produce 21,714 kWh of thermal demand, a heat pump requires less than 6,785 kWh for performance electricity
  • with a heat pump, your home produces 21,714 kWh of renewable energy and consumes 11,655 kWh (6,785 + 4,870 plug) of commercial grid energy;  this ratio exceeds the definition of net zero and your home becomes 'net zero PLUS'
  • your home also eliminates 3.3 tonnes of carbon emission from thermal end uses if it installs a heat pump

One example of how this status was achieved in 2006:    my green home

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Count every kWh  .…  or your energy & climate accounting are not complete.



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